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BILIGOM® video BILIGOM® International (Pty) Ltd has come up with a patented process to use moist Eucalyptus timber for building and construction solutions. Watch the introductory video… Watch video


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There is a looming national timber shortage facing the construction and building industry today. The fact that it takes around 30 years to grow suitably mature pine for construction timber purposes means that it will take this long to meet the countries needs provided that someone starts doing something about it now. Sadly, this is not happening and the industry can expect the situation to worsen steadily.

Alternatives have to be found, and quickly too.

To this end and in line with the countries future needs, BILIGOM® International (Pty) Ltd has come up with a patented process for moist Eucalyptus timber that has the potential to turn this issue into a short term solution for a long term problem with several significant benefits along the way.

Main Advantages

Eucalyptus growers need to supply 5 to 8 year old timber. This will significantly relieve long term pressure for more Pine plantations.
BILIGOM® is graded to “BILIGOM® Structural Grade” specifications. This means that around 28% less timber is required than Graded S5 Pine timber to cover the same roof area. Roof truss fabricators can expect to use approximately 50% less gang nail plates for BILIGOM® than for S5 Pine. MiTek Industries S.A. (Pty) Ltd have adapted their software to cater for this in their roof truss designs
BILIGOM® is treated to H2 SANS 1288 specifications and is sold at approximately the same price as untreated S5 Pine.
BILIGOM® is elegantly suited for low cost housing developments due to its inherent strength and lower timber volumes needed to cover equal Pine roofing areas.
By using TAN “E” for treating and using Eucalyptus, BILIGOM® carries a very small environmental impact and the resource is infinitely renewable. This cannot be said for steel roof trusses.