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BILIGOM® is mainly manufactured from moist Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus grandis x camaldulensis clones.
Through long and intense wood science studies by the University of Stellenbosch and other world class institutions who came up with recommendations and suggestions. These were followed and culminated in scientific test equipment from the CSIR, operated and owned by MITEK Industries which proved that the world patented BILIGOM® concept was structurally acceptable and commercially viable.
Our research shows that there is not a single city council in the world that has on its building protocols approval for moist Eucalyptus in roofing structures. This is probably due to the drying problems described above. BILIGOM® has successfully overcome these issues and is now poised to move ahead with marketing globally within the next short while.
Remember that each and every metre of timber goes through a mechanical stress grader to “BILIGOM® Structural Grade” specifications so if any crack is present it does not affect the structural integrity – this has been proved over and over again.
Due to the BILIGOM® patent, it is no more difficult to nail BILIGOM® timber than to nail Pine timber. However, once nailed, it is extremely difficult to extract nails fromBILIGOM® timber. This is seen as a significant advantage over Pine.
BILIGOM® timber carries the full SATAS quality mark of approval for “BILIGOM® Structural Grade” grade structural timber including TANALITH™E H2 SANS 1288 specification. The timber can be used with confidence in any structural environment.
BILIGOM® timber is manufactured from Eucalyptus timber, which is subject to attack by lyctis borer. Therefore, according to SANS 10005 all Eucalyptus has to be treated with a timber preservative. Tanalith™E is a new generation timber preservative which carries the Ecospecifier certification, in line with the BILIGOM® philosophy of minimizing the impact of their product on the environment i.e. less chemical preservative, less wood fibre, less steel nail plates to do the same job.
The first BILIGOM® timber went into housing roof’s in July 2011 with great success and to date over 60,000m³ have gone into the market place with not one comeback. The feedback from the informal market place and hardware stores have been overwhelmingly positive with many re-ordering on a regular basis.

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